Café Columbia

Downtown Columbia, South Carolina, is home to many cozy, idyllic cafés, which the editors of this magazine love to frequent. With copious variations in delicious flavors of coffee, local art hanging from historic walls, and amiable staff, you can’t go wrong with any of our choices for an evening pick-me-up over lots of literary talk.

Being the writerly creatures we are, it makes sense that we tend to gravitate toward coffee shops – perhaps for the conversation or the people watching or the comfort of experience.  For example, Cool Beans was not only a frequent stop for us during college, but it was also the ideal location for trading stories (both verbal and written) over scribbled notes in worn journals. Café Strudel, as seen below, is where your editors first conceived of this magazine and where they later returned for their first official brainstorm. No two visits are ever the same, and yet we always find amity each time.

Take a sip and enjoy.
Photography by Fred Austin

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