In December, when we were crowdfunding to build this website for our magazine, we started a First Writers Contest for those wanting to contribute to our campaign as an entry fee to be considered for our first issue. Below are the winners, featuring poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. Thank you to Taylor, Scott, Kate, and Ashley for their support and giving us the opportunity to read their work.

Taylor DuVall

Taylor DuVall is a blogger, writer, proud millennial, and feminist.  Also, a lover of travel, music, books, yoga, fitness, and Gluten Free food. She believes in being a gatherer of experiences and friendships and not a gatherer of things.

Ashley Kagaoan

Ashley Kagaoan resides in Southern California with her husband, Mark, and daughters, Alana and Mia. Ashley writes poetry and short stories with soul. Her dream is to write a book filled with magical moments of heartache, humor, bravery, truth, intimacy, and triumph. Ashley is and will always be a believer: a person who believes in magic, miracles, and the power of love. Her hope is to inspire others to share their stories and discover their passion for life.

Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson is a born creative and passionate writer with NY Times Best-Seller dreams. She’s currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Interactive Media and plans to pursue a career in digital media afterward. When not writing or doing schoolwork, Kate enjoys blogging, cooking, experimenting with DIY projects, and drinking coffee and tea.

Scott Navicky
Scott Navicky is the author of Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking (Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, 2014). He attended Denison University and the University of Auckland, where he was awarded an Honors Master’s Degree in art history with a focus on photography theory. His work has appeared in Chicago Literati, HYPERtext Magazine, (614) Magazine, Fiction Writers Review, Necessary Fiction, and ZO Magazine.