Tiny Vodka Glasses

Tiny Vodka Glasses
James Jackson

love is however many tiny
glasses of vodka we drank
and discarded

sun shards held those hands
of many folds
this love poem a little glass-dagger
carves the elegy of hummingbirds
this love poem
holds veins in my porous fingers

we sing the wooden desk
in the alley of deep potholes
our branchmouths stripped
of leaves but kindling flame

to scratch the words evenly
scrapes on the whitened palms
the lines intersect always
it is not simple to crumple
those tiny bedroom vodka sheets &
weave them neatly into garbage


 * You can read James Jackson’s other poem, “The 2 A.M. Pacific Retreat,” which is also featured in the Summer 2015 issue.