Letters From the Editors

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Dear Readers,

Starting a new project is always a learning process. Over time, the more we work over something the more the image becomes clearer, and we can see a better path to achieving the initial goal, or we’ll look back on the work and realize it’s taken a completely new direction. Starting Loveliest has taught me a lot in the way of what this project is all about. We began this magazine with the intention of cross-breeding the literary genre with the ever-popular slow-lifestyle genre and realized that what our readers actually needed was something a little more specific. Our first issue held a good balance between the two, while this, our second issue, became purely literary throughout its preparation. I find it fascinating that each issue evolves into something closer and closer to what I’d hoped it would be in the beginning. I’d always envisioned that hardworking, inventive women would find our magazine as a source of personal and creative inspiration, and I’m happy to announce that with this issue, which features eight incredible works by female artists, we will be officially transitioning Loveliest into a journal for women by women about women. We are so excited to take our beloved project and shift her into the next phase of her infant career, but for now we hope you enjoy her present offerings while we work toward this new destination. Thank you so much for all of your support during our first year of publication. Have a wonderful 2016!

Lauren Michelle




Dear lovelies,

Because this is a new year’s issue, I cannot help but reflect on 2015. If I’m being honest, 2015 was a tough year for me in my personal life. I learned about vulnerability, about grief, and about being knocked down more than I would have originally planned for, but I am grateful for the lessons in resilience nevertheless. Bouncing back, after all, is such a human experience. Though in both the fall and the lift, it feels as though things will never become stable again, it inevitably does and we inevitably find strength within the motion of it all.

But just as 2015 was hard, it was also incredibly giving. Lauren and I put the ideas for this magazine into motion, published its first issue, and then decided on where we would like Loveliest’s direction to head. In reading submissions, in hearing from other writers, I always find myself in awe of the stories, the words pouring from you all. It is the fundamental block of Loveliest’s groundwork, for storytelling keeps us human but also true.

In remaining true to our vision, this issue contains not only the wonderful and inspiring works of many artists but you will also notice that we are featuring works by female artists in particular. This is because Loveliest has begun its transition to being a journal for and by women, and we are quite excited to share this latest issue with you. Just as humans grow and evolve and transition, it is important we allow our stories and our truth to do the same. Thank you for being part of our first year of publication, for your support, and for reading. Enjoy!